Important notice during Covid-19 pandemic

If you are attending the vaccination clinic, please download and print the COVID Consent Form and bring it with you to the clinic

We encourage you not to put off consulting with your GP if you have health concerns that you have not addressed. Doctors and nurses at Mayors Walk Surgery are available for emerging and ongoing medical issues (Covid19 and non-Covid19). Consultations are available by phone, video-conference or in-person at  the clinic.

Covid-19 safety protocols are in place for all on-site attendance at the clinic.

If you need care, don’t hesitate to contact us on:  051 873493
Phone lines are open Monday to Friday: 9am – 1pm and 2pm – 5.30pm

When attending the surgery in person please note the following.

  1. Please do not wear gloves – we have plenty of hand sanitizer available
  2. We ask that you wear a mask when attending
  3. Please arrive for appointment on your own as we have limited space due to social distancing
  4. For Childhood Vaccines only one parent/guardian to attend
  5. Please arrive on time for your appointment

For up to date Covid19 advice please find attached link –